Perth Real is all about what’s happening in planet Perth WA. Property is always changing on a monthly basis with a combination of influences. Obvious things like Reserve Bank Australia RBA announcement of a interest rate rise which in turn banks repricing home loans. Also recent sales activities across the state, post codes, suburbs. Any local or federal government announcements, subsidies, grants, stimuluses. Shire approvals for infrastructure, roads, shopping centres, bushlands reclaimed for development, R Codes, commercial developments. Migration is a major influencing factor with increased numbers of people becoming new residence in buying a home to live or invest, plus rentals or leasing that places pressure on overall accommodation available. Property ebbs & flows with the economy on a macro scale nationally but more importantly the micro in local areas, shires, post codes, suburbs or a property patch is important to know. Perth Real will be an ongoing features published in Sunset Coast Life – Real –