Building in Perth

Building a New house can be a stressful experience with lots of things to consider. Like climbing a mountain with plenty of preparation, research, planning, check list.

Building in Perth

MRES provides added agency services as a Building Broker & Buying Agent Advocate.
Like climbing the mountain you need a guide who knows the trek ahead, what to expect, which they have walked many times. From concept to completion, with total clarity for the 101 things on the check list.  3rd party assistance in all areas of the project is priceless. Working with a co-ordinator for an outcome to meet expectation there every step of the way making sure it is on track. Have less stress with an exciting, more enjoyable experience is a good idea worth the investment.

Building beginings

Once somebody makes the decision to build a new home it is an exciting idea which comes with lots to consider. Many are comfortable to DIY with a selected builder. However, others are uncomfortable & overwhelmed feeling the need for assistance or advice to build the dream. Mitchell Residential is an agency connected to a network of industry professionals that can assist in this area with any size building project. There is no obligation to use or purchase from these services or companies. providers, however each are 5 star rated, qualified with a large body of work as preferred service providers. If an alternative company is already selected in place then an advocacy, management, assisatnce role is available for the overall building process. Save, time, effort, money in an undertaking which will be 9 – 24 months of your life. Project management with a professional is like investment insurance. An pro agent to be there with you every step of the way … it is a wise choice. PLus Get your “Personal Building Playbook”.

Moving forward the project begins…

A step by step of how, what, where, when, why …. following a system that provides full advice, tracking, time lines, understanding, control in the outcome. Also avoiding some of the pitfalls & common mistakes that cuase disparity.

Price Ranges for House Builds

$750k – 1.M+ :: Luxury Building & Construction

$550k – $750 :: Prestige Build

$350k – $550k :: Premium Houses

$200k – $350k :: Single Level & Lofts Homes

$100k – $200k :: Teen or Granny Flat / Bungalow

World Class Builders

Some of the most exciting building companies in Australia are operating right here in Western Australia. They are truly outstanding working within one of the most reguated states in the country. The standard of building in WA is absolutely world class. MRES agent witll assist in making sure it is a perfect match.

Quality Master Builders in WA are outstanding & second to none anywhere on the planet right here in Perth. We are proud to be associated & affiliated working towards the satisfaction of the client being on the same page, on point & on budget.

What more could you wish for ?

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*Images shown courtesy of DNR Constructions & RBWA Group.

*Advice on building is provided by request as a service subsiquent to the land sale or as requested. Recommended builders with previous dealings , process, check list, overview available. If full assistance in required in buying, advocacy & project management Mitchell Residential programs incur costs. Includes publishing, professional consultation, outsources service providers. 

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