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Land Watch

Western Australia has some amazing land opportunities with locations that are coastal, near lakes, rivers, open space, elevated, views, near nature, parklands, new estates & super suburbs. Make sure the land you have been watching, waiting. wanting is really the right thing for you. Ask the go to guys in property Mitchell Residential before you buy or sell anything in land….watch out!

The Block

The basis of all property is the land, the block, the lot, the dirt & earth you own or are purchasing. Before selling or buying any land, the first step is to undertake due diligence. This is the process of gathering all the relevant information that affects the property. Information contained in the Council to be up to date on the area opportunities. The search contains the zoning,  council rates, any outstanding issues affecting the property, previous permits. Also check the certificate of title, with all relevant information such as, mortgage is registered, easements for services and utilities such as storm water, water, gas electricity. Before any decision is made on a particular parcel of land you should always have a feasibility study & assessment. Get a Real Deal Report for the current condition & potential of the property. It may be a clear lot or an old dwelling on site ready for demolishing to clear the land back to a raw site or sell/buy part of lot if subdivided.

[MRES] Mitchell Residential provides a Project Management “Block Masters” service that will oversee all needed items along with advice of avoiding any pitfalls or mistakes.


Lay of the land…

One of the common mistakes people make when buying land is the under estimate of the preparation of the site. Including demolition, site works, tree removal, screening & cleaning of site, retaining, servicing, preparation for the slab of the house. This is an area that on what looks like a reasonably easy, flat lot could begin in the tens of thousands or even end alot more than budgetted for if elevated. This often results in either reducing the price point of the lot for sale or blowing the profit margin for the buyers when building & selling. So a Feasibilty Report will include a risk assessment, probable costs associated with building. This helps in the identification of the site needs for single, double story building, pools, yards, property access, entry, fencing. To avoid this problem it is important to clearly define the site challenges from the beginning. 

Ask the Block Masters … Mitchell Residential

Land Advice

You should identify your block[s] of interest then request either one or multiple investigations by way of E-valuations which are complimentary & no obligation. Seek good pro advice because when doing the DIY no-one knows everything and sometimes as individuals we miss things and this can lead to costly mistakes. Mitchell Residential agency is always on Landwatch.

Meet with your land team before buying or selling

We suggest a Smart Start meeting which raises any issues regarding the development of the site. This way you can get everything out before you begin or it’s too late.

Be a Block Master

Master the art of buying or selling a block

Mitchell Residential introduces “This Block Masters System” which is available to the seller or buyer as it goes both ways in the process of gathering information & property intelligence for the best possibl outcome or options to utilize a block of land.  The Block Master System is a comprehensive feasibilty report to discover the full potential of the land holding. Then a plan of action program that has the option of overall project management for development or building services if required. Mitchell Residential is mastering the art of land watching, assessing, reporting, drafting, surveying, co-ordinating on any size sites using a system that connect to a collective network of professionals who are masters of what they do in land preparations. They are as good as you can get in WA as world class service providers. Become a block masters using a system with all that is needed for less stress along with avoiding any common mistakes.

If You dont know what you dont know… then be careful with blocks & building.
* Property shown is a private purchase with Davey RE

Prime Local Lot

Like finding gold

You eithier a re searching for or selling the best available lot of land in the suburb. Prime local land is like finding that big uggest of gold as a prospector. Now in the 21st century land is the new gold rush in Western Australia. With local & federal govenment pushing for infill or increased density to accommodate more residence closer to the city & suburban centers. This has spawned a regeneration of properties for, multiple blocks, new building, urbanization of a state. Suburb by suburb, shire by shire increasing the population creates self funding income streams for all concerned to drive the modernising machine of a community, city & state into a new future. The local prime land lot will become a rare item in the coming years but will always be like finding, buying, selling, owning gold.  Get Mitchell Residential to assist in your land endevours. 

Landing like a pro..

Super Lot

Taking the time to prepare..

Preparation meeting opportunity leads to increased success…
To take the time to slowly, methodically plan any land project to sell, buy, develop, invest it a wise choice. Especially if it is a super lot which has been rezoned, family property or an investment that has now matured with the urban sprawl on the door step to do a subdivision or lnd development.

Subdivision is a great way to get ahead and make profit. It is an exciting and diverse area but can be a mine field of different opinions, myths, unfounded pricing, confusing outcomes if not well research & reporting provided. 

Seek professional help as it doesn’t cost much and it will save you many thousands of dollars.

Join the Land Watchers who Win… Be Smart!
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