The art of sales & marketing …. selling the sizzle, adding the secret sauce,  presenting the main dish as the tastiest or sweetest ever. 

Methods of Sale

Which is the Best for YOUR Property..?


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Private treaty is the most common method of selling property in WA. With an exclusive listing agreement signed the agent can put the property on the market with a agreed selling range, time frame, viewing arrangements & fees for services. For Sale sign is placed, ads in the paper, online, feature stories to generate buyer interest along with home opens. It is a flexible & simple way to sell to a wider buying market.


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This type of marketing is becoming a popular method of sale. With the internet now exceeding 90% of all households, with most buyers using the online publications to search & find properties of interest. Your home can be open 24/7 without any inconvenience. Sellers such as the multi level prestige properties not wanting the neighbourhood tramping through, personalities & VIP homes, aged or mature persons living alone wanting to downsize, disabled, young families or new born babies, religious beliefs or just the security conscious sellers. This is simply a Private Treaty arrangement without the home open, but a technique that needs a master of marketing in multi-media.


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Under Private Treaty the property is marketed as a SET DAT SALE receiving offers within a 30 day period then presenting the seller with offer or multiple offers on the nominated set date. An excellent way of creating urgency toward a specific date.


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Sale by public auction is generally the preferred method whenever there is doubt as to the ultimate price. Vendors choose auction because of the results achieved and the transparent manner in which auctions are conducted. Auctions can benefit the vendor because competition is maximized, the marketing approach is fast paced, they create ‘special’ interest and there are set terms & conditions with a specific time frame.

NO PRICE promotion also can find a premium buyer willing to pay top dollar to shut down the auction prior. The auction process is a multi-levelled approach to selling & can use effectively a range of methods including ~ Set Date Sale + No Price by Negotiation + Private Treaty if handed in on the day.


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This a new way to sell which is like an auction but in a private treaty methods which allows the property to have maximum enquiry, engage the agent & get needed feedback by savvy buyers hunting down properties. It is a new systematic way begin the sale campaign with a difference.


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Sale by tender is not well suited to general residential real estate sales but is utilized mainly for non-residential or highly specialized properties. It does allow potential buyers access to complex information before tendering and often bids widely differing terms and conditions.

Main considerations to bear in mind when choosing a way of sale are

The type of property, area, environment, location, state of the market, professional skills of the agent, your own preferences & personal circumstances. The correct advice & matching of the method of sale to use for your property will provide the best results. Mitchell Residential will identify then recommend the most effective way to present & promote the property. Private treaty is the most common method of selling property in WA. With a listing agreement signed the agent can put the property on the market with a agreed selling range, time frame, viewing arrangements & fees for services.

Selling Tips

No Second Chance for a First Impression

You may not be aware of the “ P’s” of real estate when buying or selling. Price, Position, Presentation & Potential. The attractive appearance of your property has a direct bearing on the eventual sale price. Dean can not only advise you on how to best present your property but also arrange selected service providers to create some magic. If you have neither the time nor the inclination to complete the job yourself…let us do it all for you…no stress.


A spring clean any time of the year can make your house shine. I have a list of professional cleaners on file which will help to make inside & out of you home sparkle. Bathrooms, floors, kitchen, windows, brick paving, carpets, windows can sparkle to impress the buyer for a positive viewing.


The garden is a real point of sale & with a little bit of clean-up, colourful plants, lawns mowed &using some tricks of the trade. Gardens are a real winner adding thousands to the end sale price. A back & front yard blitz will have your place looking like something out of a magazine.


There are always odd jobs, minor repairs, little things that need to be touched up or repaired. These we call the 1% ers that can make a huge difference to the buyer. You just need 4 or 5 of these little tidy up property points by paying attention to detail. Amazingly it could be ten of thousands difference for a small investment. Ask for advice & take notice of the pre-show presentation check list.


It may that time for a fresh coat of paint which can make all the difference. Tasteful colour scheme add to the appeal of any home. Everything old looks new again & it works !


Wall hangings, flowers, arrangement or hire furniture, mats, plants..etc

Interior Stylist

Professional consultation on use of space, colour combinations, decorations, clutter reduction, staging, fengshui especially for prestige properties provides amazing outcomes. Creating a display level presentation for maximum impact on the home selling features really works.


Amazing outcomes have happened for many clients needing a makeover to a tired old kitchen, bathroom, laundry, outdoor landscaping, gardens, entertainment areas, painting, lighting & touch up. Smart cosmetic changes with even the most reasonable of budgets our tradesman with a well calculated investment will add many thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Killer Pro Photos

Investing in the visual presentation is the main influencer to a property grabbing the attention of potential buyers. After all the above points ticked off the property should look & feel like a display home but comfortable to move right in & love it. The set up & story board that will feature online is critical. Using video, slide shows, stunning stills, portraits & landscapes with a collection of hero shots.

“A good picture is worth a thousand words”

We have Five Star Sunset Coast Service providers for you ;

What is it Worth ?

bWishing, wanting, waiting…

Understanding the market conditions & properly pricing your home can get the job done quickly, achieve an excellent outcome with multiple offers.

Get it wrong it can cost you many thousands of dollars in a poorly priced house with a sad story you really don’t want to tell. Wishing, wanting, waiting is like believing there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – It’s a fairy tale & myth.

The property should be priced fairly with a realistic amount to be marketed. Seeking All Offers to be Presented. If it is too much above the market expectation then it will be slow & sluggish going. The first 30 days is critical as most buyers are in the market in that area would have seen it, viewed or enquired if interested.  If the property has not had an offer or reasonable interest then there is need for revaluation. Within 60 days a deal should be done, otherwise the property is heading towards being a stagnate sale or worse gone stale. With potential buyers thinking there is something wrong or sellers are just not motivated to do a deal.

Everyone wants a real deal…

Identifying USP’s & creating attention grabbing marketing is very important, but the real leverage is in the story & percieved value. Plus the report that justifies alll the attributes, facilities, advantages, benefits, why’s the property is a good buy. Using the latest data from REIWA, Landgate, RP Data, Pricefinder, Rea, there is eveidence & proof of sale. But nothing beats real local knowledge & Real Deal Report that will establish the probabilities based on all the property intelligence.  

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Benefits to achieve the BEST

1. Prompt Sale

2. Less Inconveniences

3. Increased Sales Response

4. Exposure to More Prospects

5. Higher Offers

6. More Money For YOU

Expert Advice

Mitchell Residential will consult you with a well-planned program which will include preparation check list, staging if required, photo shoot, marketing, pre-open viewings, home opens & negotiation strategy. Also after the sale services & recommendations. You will get realistic, achievable & true market value appraisal Real Deal Report. Personalized consultation, area advice, direction & recommedations for a successful outcome.

An Absolute Commitment to get your property SOLD

1. Provide you with a realistic, true market appraisal & property report that enable you to obtain the highest possible selling price.

2. Utilise the internet network which includes major portals, publications for property promotion. Both locally, nationally & internationally for maximum exposure + buyer data base with potential interested property investors.

3. Provide eye catching point of sale “FOR SALE” signage

4. Register your property for Alerts with a list of buyers, our network of agents & publicity requests.

5. Provide professional photography, visuals, feature editorial & copy

6. Design & distribute brochures to registered buyers to increase awareness.

7. Promote your property in the correct targeted media to ensure maximum impact to potential buyers.

8. Ensure that buyers are qualified so when we take people through your home, we do not waste valuable time.

9. At all times use our experienced eye to suggest ways in which you can aesthetically improve your home for sale.

10. Regular weekly review & revaluate marketing campaign to ensure you are receiving feedback on the market response

11. Represent your best interests in all negotiations and present & communicate al offers made by potential purchasers.

12. Closely monitor & manage all activities with lenders, conveyancing & settlements agents, inspectors, valuers or preferred service providers.

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