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Auctions are arguably the best way to sell a property.


An auction is a special event on many levels…. a life changing event, live sales event, public & community event, property bench marking event.It has a campaign, lead up, planning, strategy, presentation, MC & Host, staging, invitations, VIP’s, entertainment value for all who attend. 

Excitement for the bidders especially the successful buyers who make it to the end with a green light as the winners of the auction action.There is something special about the Auction Event with all that happens, the expectation, the process, the outcome. The best Auctions mix an live in venue/home with personal interaction mixed with an online, on the phone, multiple medium interaction. Not missing any person, personality or preferred method of purchasing. The ultimate control is by the Auction Company & Team that is running the event for a successful outcome.


There is always discussion on Auction versus Private Treaty or Set Date Sales in West Australia as a method of marketing, managing the sales process. How to get the most money in the shortest timeframe with the most effective investment of money, effort & less stress. Auctions as a way of selling has been used since the beginning of time. If the items on offer are of interest to the general public, it is promoted properly, buyers do show up & gather for the opportunity to bid. An inter active live selling event becomes a reality with an outcome that’s immediate. Any item in the tens, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars comes down to the authentication & value of the property. A comprehensive analysis of property condition, presentation. price point strategies to get the market to respond, engage, bid to buy getting the deal done on a day selected. It’s an art of marketing & management for a sales event of a lifetime.

Auctions Australia

Nationwide over 2000 – 3000 auctions are held weekly depending upon the market conditions, time of year, economic influences. The east coast leads the charge with WEEKLY – Melbourne 1000-1500, Sydney 800-1250, Adelaide 100+, Canberra 75+, Brisbane 100+ with Perth WA less than 50. Each city in the streets, around the suburbs literally a live market place in property sales every weekend + week nights.

WA Auctions

Western Australia however would only process 1000-1500 in a year along with online negotiations. A couple reasons behind this is the Private Treaty contracts are different to the east coast which are not as air tight with sunset clauses & finance Under Offer differences. WA & SA have the same contracts with Offer & Acceptances that are world leaders in simplicity & settlement arrangements. But Private Treaty commonly can be open ended in time frame leading to time lagging sales, reductions in initial asking prices & loss of urgency lengthy potentially costly outcomes in the process.

Online Auctions

Over the last year with COVID people connecting in person it has being of massive disruption to face to face dealings, remote communications along with the modernizing of the real estate transaction process to a digital facility has changed everything. It is now a more immediate, simpler system when selling & buying property. Docusign digital in association with Real Estate Institute WA Real Forms, it allows from the listing to the sale documentation processing from phone, hand set, tablet or laptop.

Its an ability to access legal documents, information in written digital form, signed agreements for all property transactions. Online auctions have become popular along with sales by video, so the buyers can be apart of the sales event from wherever they choose. Its safe, secure, several technologies available but managed & marketed in the same manner as a live on site

The Auction is a process

Many home sellers get worked up about auction day, and while it can certainly be an emotional event, it’s actually the four weeks prior to the ‘big day’ that really count. An analogy that springs to mind is that when you invest in the share market, you can use daily / weekly / monthly analysis of performance and trends for your share portfolio to guide your investment decisions. In the same vein, when you’re selling your home you should be getting detailed information and feedback every other day until auction day available on demand. Receiving this information helps you to make well informed decisions leading into and on auction day.
MRES applies a reporting procedure with planned communication as a disciplined campaign for seller feedback. This is to making seller more comfortable with knowing what is going on along with preparing to make wise decisions for many thousands more come sale time.
As an experienced advertising, marketing agency deliver an exciting campaign, along with advice for presentation of property, plus how to run the special sales event on the day live or digital for the best outcomes. Many vendors mistakenly focus on reduction of costs lowering the level of quality Auctioneer Agent, along with campaign limitations on reach, exposure, market awareness. Savvy sellers know that investment in the presentation of a property will undoubtedly returns premium price with the ultimate buyers stepping up to bid.
Interestingly in all markets as Auction property will sell quicker, plus if not more than a property sold in a traditional List & Sell with unlimited Home Opens.
Sell by Private Treaty averages around 70 days, Sale by Auction under 45 days with 80% withing 30 days!


Buyers are able to bid in multiple ways in this current market of property purchasing. Since the COVID era online dealings has become a much more accepted process for handling the buying & selling activity. Once a buyer is registered, they can bid on site at the property in person or online which is a common situation in auctions. Communications allows remote access, inter state & international participation. This is an exciting time to sell property as it has become a truly acting local thinking global reality.

MRES is the only company in Perth West Australia that will provide a FREE AUCTIONEER upon
the fall of the hammer!

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