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Global exposure of property made possible online is extraordinary.
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Western Australia with its sensational sunset coast provides a world class lifestyle. 
The best place on Earth is Perth


With global exposure of local real estate is made possible by the online platforms, portals & digital publications. Property promotions are evolving every month, with WA now on the world stage or should we say playing a part in the festival of real estate globally. Perth is now one of the headline attractions in the top 10 most desirable places to live on earth. This truly an exciting supporting the need of Acting Local & Thinking Global in property.

Purchasing & selling is somewhat different in many countries even within Australian states. This requires a level of awareness, communications, quantity surveying, due diligence & negotiations. Given we have become a global connected community, the world events along with cultural differences means a diversity in the type of customer dealing in real estate. A deeper understanding is needed for what is happening now & the future so each individual person can be well advised to make good decisons. WA has world class methods, processes & industry standards of property transactions. Mitchell Residential agency facilitates any sale or purchase as a member of [REIWA] Real Estate Institute WA. [reiwa.com.au]

Local Knowledge

With a global village & community connected like never before in history, the exposure of WA property is in exciting times. The property maybe a Google click away but on the street & in the community is where the lifestyle lives. The “Property Patch” is what Mitchell Residential is familiar or will explore every sqm of the area. With real local content & intelligence give to the client which will prove to be the most important factor in any BUY or SELL.

Mitchell Residential is a West Australian agent that knows most suburbs in the metropolitan area along with shires & towns in the state of WA. Homegrown, living, working both eastern & western suburbs over 50 years. As a 5th generation local born & breed with a large extended family roots now in the 8th generation since settlement in WA 1827. Being well travelled to every corner of the state you get to know alot about the WA lifestyle. Previous business activities included community events which covered most zones of the state. Plus someone who has bought, sold, invested, leased both residential & commercial. It is beyond familiarity, it is an understanding of the communities which is advantage in local knowledge.

In preparation to buy or sell property local knowledge coupled with getting scientifically specific in the geographic, sociographic, psychographics, demographics, luinguistics the “Property Patch” it’s grass roots reasearch that discovers the real life value.

Mitchell Residential is priviledged to live, work, enjoy the wonderful state of West Australia.
Marketing & managing premium, prestige & potential property.
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