Real Deal Report

Exclusive to MRES the Real Deal Report.

Real Deal Report.

Exclusive to the MRES the Real Deal Report.

“Buyers be Aware & Sellers be Savvy”


“Fair Fee Guarantee + High Price Possible Promise”


“Buyer be Aware & Buy Better”


“Achieving Property Full Potential”


“Proportunity, Management & Return On Investment”


Ultimate Reporting System that allows a seller, buyer, investor to request different levels or types of property reports.

E-Valuation : Free Market Appraisal
PCR Report : Property Condition Report
Feasibility : Develop Project Analysis
Depreciation : For Investor Tax update
Compliance : Retrospective & Clearances
Disclosure  : KPI Check Points
1HB HB : 1st Home Buyers Hand Book
Building : Structural Assessment
Pest : Pest & Environmental
House Health : Internal
House Life :
 Internal & external

Real Deal Reports provide a range of researched reports specific to the property need for reference to ensure a buyer or seller has clarification. A unique reporting system, design & content that is all in the best interests of the seller or buyer.

Committed to providing a community reporting service with strong processes and high standards of service underpin our commitment to deliver real valueReal Deal Reports find gold. 

“Real solutions for real people in real estate”

* Real Deal Reports are recommended, but optional with no obligation. They will incure costs or fees associated with the use of professional consultants, service providers required to complete the nominated report. Reporting is by done by qualified agents, inspectors, preferred by Mitchell Residential. Prices on Application.


Real Deal Reports are specific to the needs of the property as an initiative to provide a more extensive overview & evaluation of the property. Specifically customized to client property profile for a realistic, factual, objective, authentication documented in a produced report. Available on any private property to identify its current condition, potential, price point, industry data evidence, recommendations, things to avoid & consideration when selling, buying, investing.  Reports by design for land, existing residence, build, Off the Plan, strata groups.


The Real Deal Reports include a standard “Free Assessment” ~ the Real Deal E-valuation. So book your this week & with access all areas get the Real Deal on your property.

Real Play Book

Real Deal Report’s are on a few levels depending of what is required for the property owner or purchaser. Providing several key point indicators which affect “the property value in its patch” current & future value. It is not only a report but a play book to win in the property game.

“Unpredictable Property Pricing”

A brief WA property overview shows since the 80’s property values have risen consistently in relations to annual CPI creating a 7 year cycle.  However since the global financial crisis – GFC 2008-9, property values had a down turn requiring government stimulus. Prices recovered to peak end of 2015.
2016-18 WA had a flat, sluggish market for a few years. 
2019 – COVID hit hard with property prices falling off a cliff. More government stimuluses, grants, Reserve Bank slashes to interest rates for an economic recovery. Prices have again returned to record levels in 2022. But to forecast future growth it is a challenge. The need for accurate, detailed reports to a high valuation standard are now necessary. “Fee Appraisals” available from anybody anywhere are not a wise choice. These can be up to 30% variation in the estimated price outcome.  

“Sell Well or Buy Better”

“Sell Well or Buy Better”. It’s time for a real plan of action to achieve the outcome you expect for a lifestyle change you have always wanted. Make sure you are getting the real deal.


Your personal Property Play book produced to discover the real value of property to sell, buy, develop. Considering its the largest financial commitment in anyone life.  Hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, this is very important piece of information.

* Contents of the Free Market Appraisal reports are estimates only with current Real Estate industry data, recommendations for consideration. Unless content requested is provided by a licensed valuer, surveyor, engineer, compliance officer,  tax advisor, inspectors, legal agent.

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