Potential Properties Wanted

Potential Properties Wanted

If you have been thinking about how to develop your property or subdividing in the best possible way…

Mitchell Residential introduces “Block Masters System”.
“Your Local Agent presenting premium, prestige & potential properties”

The Block Masters

MRES uses a system called the “Block Masters Method” which is a private property planner, working file including all that is needed in the project. Including a comprehensive feasibility report, plan of action program of overall project, management for full subdivision or development services, check list, timeline, service providers work schedule’s, costs & fees.
Like the old fashioned Master Craftsman who is highly skilled in there chosen field,  MRES is a master in the art of subdivision & development using a unique system with connections to a collective network of professional service providers who are masters of their trades or professions in WA. A well planned sequence of steps achieving the outcome under project management & master plan avoiding any common mistakes. Ultimately the project achieved on budget & on time.

Is it Feasible

The first task at hand is to research, develop & discover R Code, zoning, shire planning, estimated costs & check list in having your property subdivided. Mitchell Residential can provide a comprehensive Real Deal Report : Feasibilty Study with a practical plan of action taking advantage of the proposed oppurtunity.

Due Diligence

Investigations will be entered into for all relevant authorities identifying any restrictions and requirements for subdivision and development.

Property Partners providing solutions to subdividing, developing, building, selling & buying. 

Rear Battle Axe

The rear block is one of the most common subdivisions, the front dwelling is retained / renovated creating a rear lot.

Side by Side

The new trend is to build ‘side by side’ reducing the wasted space of the driveway (subject to minimum frontage requirements). The long & skinny street front is trendy.

Building on Block

Block & Build opportunity…
Mitchell Residential provides a Building Broker service for selected customers. Additional to selling the land or inclusive to assist in presenting building options Off the Plan. This is for the benefit of landowners, sellers, buyers having immediate understanding of what can be done on site, plus direct links to select builders who are pre-qulified as matched to the type of build required. Save time, money, effort & emotional content when building. From concept to completion in premium, prestige, potential properties.  Unit, Retreat, Bungalow, Villa, Townhouse, Family Home or Luxury Living.
“Your Build Your Way” on budget & on time.

* Advice on building is provided by request as a complimentary service subsiquent to the land sale. Recommended builders with previous dealings , process, check list, overview available. If full assistance in required in buying, advocacy & project management Mitchell Residential programs incur costs. Includes publishing, professional consultation, outsources service providers. 

* Image of block shown a private purchase with agent Davey RE

Real Case Studies

Thinking, planning, but hesitating on doing a subdivision with our family home on a large block. Recieved a letter from MRES for a feasibity study then booked a report. Best thing we ever did as all the answers were revelled. 12 months later half a million dollars in the bank for selling our back yard!

MRES was recommended to advise everything needed to subdivide our back yard. After health, COVID, economical issues Dean helped us as a family. Organized everything, surveying, plans, Sold our back yard, arranged 40k in funds assistance, converted our garage,  gazebo for access. The money paid off debt + money in the bank. Brilliant! 

 Wanting to retire without moving, plus build a new home for the sunset years. MRES showed us how, then provided all the services needed in planning, sales, subdividing, building to completion. Even funds assistance which meant we could do the project. A new home Plus $400k in the bank  to retire. Amazing!

We had a poor investment costing us money valued at $700k with home to demolish without funds to doing anything. Dean showed us a way to subdivie, sell, get funds assistance, build a new home. Increase investment value to $850k + $35k year returns. Unbelievable.!

“Unlock Your Block this Year”

Guarrantee success in Subdivision & Development.

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