Property Asset Management achieves outcomes to meet expectation.


The advantages & benefits of a pro manager to look after your property assets or project in development is a 3rd party overseeing & implementing what is needed to be done. This consolidates activities required to improve to possible [ROI] Return On Investment.

Asset Checkers

Your property investment will be your most expensive & important lifetime asset. It needs to be managed properly to ensure minimized maintenance & depreciation. This is directly related to the property management process. MRES Mitchell Residential uses methodical methods for accountabilty & communications.

34-Step Property Management Checklist 

Tenants : Attraction, Screening, Orientation, Relations, Retention

Office : System, Process, Collections, Inspections

Property : Condition Reports, Maintain, Repairs, Updates, Communications

Leasing of private property requires mandatory services provided by an appointed manager. To achieve an amicable result for both Owner & Tenant(s) an excersise in public & client relations. The tenant should have freedom to live a private, positive time frame within the property with all services, fitting, fixtures in working order maintained to a satisfactory standard.  The owner trusting his property possession to be occupied with respect with a manager overseeing the process making sure of tenant integrity along with collection of monies paid on time. This is done in a seamless & stress free manner with monthly, quarterly communications & maintain the property when necessary.

Project Management 

Today’s savvy owner & developer is engaging a third party Project Manager. An co-manager who is focused in parralled to construction with marketing, client liasons, sales servicing, quality control, manage expectation, project promise, updates & reporting. Monitoring to assist the supervior, construction manager, builders to have the purchasers parked recieving necessary reasurances & news on the property progress. Co-operative arrangement using a systematic automated method project managing every step of the way. A wise investment for any development keeping a handle on the case so it is delivered as planned & promised.


Buyer Building Prestige or Luxury Home

Buyer of New house, villa, townhouse

Extension, ancillary to existing home

Land subdivision for strata title

Demolition & clearing of land

Multi dwellings development

Complex development multi-stata

Building projects have a need for a project manager as doing it DIY is playing with danger. A second professional opinion or thrid party perspective is good. Many projects have been saved or avoided losses due to mis-management of DIY investor/owners. Mitchell Residential management is here.

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