Leasing as a landlord, owner, investor needs to be effective & efficient with good agent advice. Mitchell Residential has a Property Asset Management System that achieves the desired outcome for the properties required Return On Investment.


Properties for Lease or Rent is a service of Mitchell Residential can provide Property Asset Management. 

We will be displaying properties available for Lease here but you will need to be quick as they are contracted quickly.

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Property Asset Management

Apart of any agency operations is Property Management for what is commonly called “the rent roll.” Renting has now become more preferred reference as leasing. A commercial term that is now residential.

[MRES] Mitchell Residential provides Property Asset Management which includes;
: Speed of lease
: Quality of tenant
: property condition reporting
: Maintenace & emergency services
: funds administration
: Communications & PM relations

Available on demand 7 days a week. done by mature experienced agents & agency.

Additional services:
Reports on request ~ Tax Depreciation, Quantity Survey, Property Valuation & Assessment by associated licenced professionals.

Leasor & Leasee

With professional property mangement it is of advantage to both the landlord/owner & the tenant. Any individual DIY or For Rent By Owner properties there is a proceedure that does not have the same dynamic as the pro property manager. When a new lease is required or every year the tenants are on the move. The a owner can lose money with nett profits on the investment in the change over & different tenancy. A month or more not occupied could mean thousands in costs to the owner/leasor. Alternatively the pro agent advertises & represents the property well, tenant gets placed immediately, with a good relationship with the managing agent. [MRES] Mitchell Residential provides a ‘Property Management Guide’ with standard property management documentation, agreement, check lists, PM plans of actions that helps the property be leased well & maintained.


1) Register Your Interest with application

2) Application is vetted by agent with references

3) Write a Lease Contract arrangement

4) Letting Fee + Bond

5) Keys provided to move in, services accounts changed over, Property Management Guide for calendar year provided.

Leasing professionally puts the investor/leasor & tenant/leasee in a property rental management arrrangent that is overseen by a 3rd party fro the benefit of both parties.

Student Rentals 

Leasing to students coming to West Australia for advanced education is one good way to get a return on the property. Given the courses or certificates aer 2 – 4 long the arrangement is longer term which means less change, also in some cases relations, family, friends also attending from overseas, interstate would live together. However the selection of the tenant[s] is always critical in maintaining the property well withing the tenancy act & regulations along with neighbor relations. 

*Property shown Sold & managed for family with pevious agency Andrew Murray RE

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