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Buyer Be Aware

This is a special service to all buyers of property in West Australia.

Who is helping you buy your new property..?

Avoid common mistake with advisory services 

Get a Property Profile & Buyers Guide with all you need to know in purchasing.
Its like a protection policy against poor decisions, buying blind, DIY Dont’s!

Real Deal Report & Rating

Property Purchase Representation

Pre-purchase price evaluation

Comparable & Data Evidence

Offer Procedure & Special Conditions

Strata Form 29 & 28

Transaction Protection

Trending Analytics

Property Asset Management

Potential Property Projects

1st Home Buyers Guidance

Land & Build Packages

Commercial versus Residential

Potential Analysis

Recommendations on Investments

Acquisitions & Dealings

Land Banking

Joint Venture

Off the Plan Purchasing

Major Renovations & Extensions

Shire Approvals & Checks

Downsizing & Retirement Transition

Subdivisions & Development

Caveats, Encumbrances, Easements

Legal Representation

Title Search, Plans & Diagrams

Due Diligence

Property Condition Report

Joint Form & General Conditions

PCR Property Condition Report

Buying Property Playbook

Exclusive & Confidential Advice

Don’t ask for a second opinion, get a Pro Advice.

MRES Buyers Agent & Broker services will assist your next property purchase. Engaging a pro agent to sit on your side of the table using all the experience, expertise, training to get the best possible deal with price, special conditions is smart. 
Buyer Beware ! Avoid Loss ! Buy Better !

“Your Local Agent with premium, prestige & potential properties”

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