2004: Episode 177 "Ultimate Test of the Ordeal of Iron! He joined the Bunraku Association of Japan and apprenticed himself under Yoshida Minosuke, unsurpassed as … All these event like missing 4,200 army already planned n predicted by Toki (cos it seem Toki is genius than Oden, lol). Agreed. Among them was the figure of Kanotan Kanjuro, but he had been replaced by a little spider with a loyal Shinobu. At Wano, somehow, Orochi and Kaido kept getting Intel on the alliance, and after analyzing every single candidate, Marco_OPT seems to think the traitor is none other than Kanjuro. Kinemon's Plan could be referring to his plan for raiding Onigashima which he probably modified as a result of Kanjuro being revealed as the traitor. 1) Oden n Toki is still alive. Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. In this post, we have included all the details regarding the release date and where to read chapter 974. 10 Kanjuro Was The Traitor. Everything revolves around this traitor and will clear the story of One Piece’s Wano arc further. Howdy Guys, In this post we are going to be talking about One Piece Chapter 974. These years Although the face value has changed dramatically, the determination to become a ninja of Mitian has not changed at all. Release date So, if spoilers bother you, I suggest you to stop here or skip to […] In any case, Kanjuro was also revealed to be the traitor who betrayed Oden. (And yes there is a traitor, everyone is brushing it off as if theres no traitor around but Kaido clearly said that there is a traitor and we can clearly see in the current time that there is a traitor around messing up the plans) Its Raizo or Kanjuro. Everything revolves around this traitor and will clear the story of One Piece’s Wano arc further. Kin’emon already suspects there is a traitor between them, while Kikunojo thinks that the end of this matter must be reached as soon as possible. Kanjuro lost the fight, and … 12:30. kanjuro traitor from kinemon group, kyoshiro traitor from orochi group. 2010: Chapter 570 "Bridge of Life" was released in Shonen Jump issue #7. The Red Line" premiered. 4 … Given the things we know the traitor revealed to the enemy and the timeline of events he is the one that makes the most sense, he was probably a traitor even before the time jump. Continuing, the battle between the scabbards and the traitor Kanjuro has been concluded. Only ones that can know this are Minks and Momonosuke Team [ Raizo , Kanjuro , Kinemon ] Because only Raizo Kanjuro and Kinemon come from the past and no one know this was going to happen [ it was a myth ] They sail to get help from Minks. Ever since the Zou Arc, people have been trying to guess who exactly sold out the Mink Tribe and who may have infiltrated the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. A lot of people are citing this as the reason the traitor cannot be from the Scabbards, however I think there's an important wrinkle involving the most likely candidate to this point (Kanjuro) that could easily explain why he'd be willing to sacrifice himself. It is seen that Kinemon and Denjiro leads the squad. Episode 691 brought us the very first full color scheme for Kanjuro and it's outstanding. Nothing has been confirmed yet and we hope One Piece manga 973 will shed some new light on who the traitor is. Upon hearing the news from Kanjuro, fans have seen how anxious Orochi was. One Piece Legendary Q&A CCXCVI: "We're leaving Wano alone!" premiered. Kanjuro %100 is the traitor here is why… First of all traitor know that Raizo was in zou. Kanjuro was 14 years old when he decided to become a puppeteer in 1967. Note- This post may contain spoilers. The others seems to be in pain seeing their former squad Kanjuro lying in his own blood but he gets what he deserved. Some believe Shinobu to be the traitor and some believe it’s Kanjuro. The Nine Red Scabbards, also known as the Akazaya Nine, are a group of Wano's strongest Samurai from the anime One Piece who once served the legendary Kozuki Oden as his loyal vassals. However, the traitor rejected and told the Shogun that they failed to stop the Scabbards and its allies. 2015: Episode … One Piece has made its mark among the Shounen ranks as a pirate adventure to match and outclass the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Island, and even Hook.As colorful as the world is, it is inhabited by a series of tough and adventurous scoundrels all racing to find the One Piece and competing with one another for power and territory. 2) Oden knew all along that Kanjuro is a traitor and already forgive him. You gotta love that last panel too, it was the reunion I was waiting for :D Found this comment somewhere: A comprehensive list of the hints Oda put throughout the story of Kanjuro being the traitor: - endangered the … Kanjuro can't ruin Luffy's plan because he never had one to begin with. However, the manga has recently revealed that Kanjuro is a traitor among their ranks. He said the following things: Given the things, we know the traitor reveals many things to the enemy and the timeline of events he is … I don't think this is a flashback. READ: Solo Leveling Chapter 111 – Release Date, Where To Read, Raw Scans After the narrative jumps forward 20 years, a confrontation between the Akazaya Nine reveals that Kanjuro is the traitor … ↑ 4.0 4.1 one piece manga and anime — vol. In the previous episode of One Piece, we learned about Kuri Town's past, where the daimyo of Kuri Town, Oden, brought order to the wild, untamed wastelands of the Land of Wano. Celebrate Luffy’s journey to 1,000 One Piece chapters and beyond! The traitor ... and episode 630, law says that zou is an island. We certainly hope that this theory is true. The White-Barbed Death Match!!" Furthermore, his past is shady as well. One thing we do need to keep in mind is whether you subscribe to the idea that he was a traitor from the start (Koruzumi Kanjuro theory) or he became a traitor due to resentment at Oden leaving Wano, this characters reasons and motivations are as important as his/her identity. No leaks are out as of now, however, there have been various trending theories on the internet. So let me go over a few points. Shogun Orochi believed himself to be victories in squashing their ambush thanks to information he received from the traitor Kanjuro, but as of the latest chapter it’s revealed that Kanjuro has yet to deliver the message that the rebel forces survived. On Reddit, a user named Doom_shoot shared his theory about the upcoming chapter. For me, I'm pretty convinced it's Kanjuro. However, in the present time, his plans to finish the scabbards failed because of Luffy. Fans are sharing their own theories on Reddit and here’s a theory on why Kanjuro is the traitor. In the final scenes of One Piece Chapter 974, Momonosuke and the other members of the Nine Red Scabbards were surrounded by the Beast Pirates ship. Although this was Kanjuro's *very first* first full-color appearance, it's not the first reveal of his voice actor since we (briefly) heard veteran voice actor Takumi Yamazaki-san performing as Kanjuro in episode 629. Among this bunch, Kanjuro seems to stand out as the most suspicious, noted the article. Kanjuro %100 is the traitor here is why… first of all traitor know that raizo was in zou. According to one of the popular theories, Kanjuro is the one who betrayed Oden. First guesses would suggest one of the Minks; but after their unified sacrifice to save Raizo, all concerns for a furry traitor blew away. Chapter 974 confirms the identity of the traitor, who—among other things—revealed that Oden was coming for Kaido 20 years ago, as well as Raizo's location to Jack and the location of the Thousand Sunny to Orochi in the present day. Right now all roads point to Kanjuro but in the end we could be wrong. Oden at execution is just a Kanjuro's draw. Upon Kanjuro’s appearance, Orochi immediately welcomed him and asked to join the celebration and the downfall of the Kozuki clan. Its a dominant win for the scabbards. It really is member of the Kurozumi family like Orochi and was aiming to infiltrate to destroy all his plans. 1. I think we will finally get a description of all Kaidou's Forces and a breakdown of each alliance group's objective. However, the latest chapter of One Piece revealed that Luffy, Law, and their subordinates are all alive, after managing to survive the ambush of Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido.

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