This finger is in the middle and often represents a balance on both hands. i'm wearing diamond in right hand ring finger, blue sapphire in left hand middle finger and white sapphire in right hand index finger am i wearing a correct gemstones and in correct hand i'm asking because i'm not getting favourable results of these gemstones suvarna says: 08-18-2016 I hv ruby in my right ring finger. The middle finger, ruled by Saturn, is where the blue Sapphire is worn. Blue topaz and amethyst rings are good for this finger. It is normally good for people with Aries, Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius ascendants. Incidentally this Gentleman and his family have been involved in a messy litigation after he started wearing the Blue Sapphire in the ring finger… And it represents being willing to take a less dominant role if you wear a ring on the other index finger. However, many people advise against wearing any ring on the middle finger … Middle Fingers. The Sun's Diamond is worn on the second (ring) finger because that is ruled by the Sun. They are the oldest of all fingers and could signify responsibility, justice, beauty and self-analysis. Wearing a ring on this finger on the left hand means owning the ability to lead and the confidence that other will follow your leadership. If in Leo, Emerald should be set in gold. It is for beauty; it is for fun. Which Finger To Wear Diamond Ring Astrology - Gemology is one of the rare sciences handed over to us by the tradition. Please suggest. Ruby is the stone which belongs to sun. I want to wear navratna ring. since I am running shani dasha as per the astrologer. It boosts the power of the Sun in the native’s chart. Rahu: Gomed: Middle Finger. - You can use emerald on the middle finger of your left hand if you wish to increase your inner peace and the feeling of being a master of yourself while reducing restlessness. Note: The ring finger represents the Sun which in turn represents the Law. One numerologist suggested me to wear emerald on my little finger at least 3 carrot, he has suggested according to my weight and age. Being front and center, the middle finger is all about your personal power; the way you present yourself to the world. Wear this stone in the middle finger on Friday. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn and is generally worn in the middle finger. As per my horoscope, I am wearing blue saphire on my middle finger right hand. Hence while wearing a diamond representing Venus, do not pair it with ruby … There are several gems sourced from … The ring has a simple meaning. Fourth energy center: Heart Stone: Ruby Meaning of Rings on the Middle Finger. Middle finger. - You can prefer to use it on the middle finger of your right hand if you wish to increase generosity and prosperity. Apart from the obvious hand gesture, the middle finger is your largest, boldest finger. Left Middle Finger. Ketu: Cat’s Eye: Index Finger. If you want to emerge from an introverted personality, focus on wearing crystal healing rings at the middle finger. Venus planet is not in compatibility with the planets Sun and Moon. RUBY: SUN’S GEMSTONE. Saturn: Blue Sapphire: Middle Finger.

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