This story is first appeared at and source from, A Father and traveler who enjoys to eat, shop, travel and taking pictures with Samsung S10+. Once you transfer your money on your fixed deposit account monthly, the 1.70% interest would be a bonus interest credited on the corresponding GIRO date in January and July. With a minimum placement of $5000, you can enjoy the privilege of having a UOB credit card when you pledge your fixed deposit. with their latest time deposit rates from 2 October 2020 UPDATED 3 Jan 2021 2 Oct 2020 SGNewsMan Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Banks , Events Enjoy attractive interest rates (up to 1.0% p.a. with their latest time deposit rates from 18 July 2020 UPDATED 25 Aug 2020 19 Jul 2020 SGNewsMan Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Banks , Events Enjoy attractive interest rates (up to 2.05% p.a. on a 3-month time deposit when you purchase an insurance plan. Both Maybank is the best options but you’ll need to commit for at least 36 months to secure an interest rate of 1.00% p.a.. New placements and withdrawals can be made in real-time anywhere, anytime. Your minimum deposit of $20,000 can earn 1.05% od interest after 12 months. Saving is one vital aspect that is sometimes neglected, especially by us, millennials. Here’s a roundup of this month’s updates to the best fixed deposit accounts in Malaysia. After all, once your deposit matures, you are able to withdraw your money with a higher interest after years of waiting. Reload Image. Check out the fixed deposit rate offered by Maybank … If you put a P50,000 initial placement for a Regular or Peso Classic Time Deposit at Maybank, with a term of 91-359 days, the interest rate is 1.250%. CODES (6 days ago) Maybank fixed deposit rate promotion 2017. Maybank offers some of the most interesting rates specifically for long-tenure fixed deposit rates.. With Maybank, you can deposit online and earn bigger savings through their iSAVvy Time Deposit. Bank Fixed Deposit Rates (FD rates) is quite important to some of the investors. All of these have a minimum placement of $5,000 in line with the Singaporean dollar currency. Deposit now for greater return on your 3+3+3 months Fixed Deposit. It also offers an attractive 3.90% interest rate per annum for a tenure of 12 months. Overall, Islamic FD products continue to offer higher interest rates compared to conventional FD products. Score up to 1.60% p.a. FIND OUT MORE #StayAtHome & Enjoy with higher Maybank Islamic Fixed Deposit-i (eIFD-i) profit rate via FPX. with their latest time deposit rates from 5 September 2020; HSBC offers 1.40% p.a. Effective from 8 May 2020. maybank fixed deposit rate MINIMUM DEPOSIT: RM 1,000 to RM 5,000. If you are planning to save up, fixed deposits are your best option. Hong Leong Finance stated, “Who says you cannot save money and indulge?” Hong Leong Finance’s fixed deposit starts with a minimum of $100, but if you deposit $500 up to $2,000,000, you will be entitled to a base rate of 0.20% interest. Every S$1,000 deposited into Maybank Current or Savings accounts (minimum S$2,000) Maybank Fixed Deposit Rate Promotion 2017. and 24 months at 0.85% p.a., the interest that you will receive upon maturity is S$162.50 and $426.81 respectively. Rates for Maybank Fixed Deposit Account. Most banks limit their time deposits for 2 to 3 years but Standard Chartered offers a long way to save up your money. The following is the Maybank latest Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Starts From 1.90% per for minimum one month and 2.10% for 12 months Deposits. Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. In line with the revision, Maybank and Maybank Islamic’s fixed deposit rates will also be adjusted downwards effective July 9. The rates of course depend on the type of insurance product selected, divided into three tiers, with the lowest being 4.88% p.a. For a minimum of $30,000, you can earn up to 0.75% for your spare money. The rate of 0.45% is 0.2% higher than the average 0.25%. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We are a bunch of shopaholics aiming to cover  extensive reviews of products available online. Maybank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Starts from 1.90%. Maybank. With minimum deposit of S$50,001 in 24-month Maybank iSAVvy Time Deposit. With Maybank, you can deposit online and earn bigger savings through their iSAVvy Time Deposit. Interest rates start from 4,25 percent per month. Even for a 6-month tenure, you can still earn 1.0% p.a., which is a practical option for everyone. with a 1-year deposit of S$20,000 and above. Your interest would have a base rate of 1.10% which will be credited on the 3rd, 6th and 12th month of your deposit. for 36 months) with upfront interest on the next business day and interest-on-interest upon maturity. Take note of the $10,000 minimum deposit in this bank to get the privilege of the promotional interest rates. Maybank imposes a minimum of $50,000 deposit and a maximum of $1 million for the iSAVvy Time Deposit. However, there are some catch should you choose to place your fixed deposit with MayBank. Remember to follow us at and Effective from 9 July 2020. If you are one of those people who are afraid of taking risks, putting your money in the bank is the best solution. For a 12 months placement of S$25,000 at 0.65% p.a. Investment Returns RM 170.00. The last time Maybank had a fixed deposit rate promotion was in May 2020 . With a minimum deposit of $10,000, you can grow your money under a competitive interest rate. In consideration of your budget, any amount of money should be taken with the utmost importance. On their current promotion, you can get 1.90% of interest if you deposit a minimum of $5000. ANNOUNCEMENTS / PRESS RELEASES / STATEMENTS,, Glen Forest Tourist Park & Vineyard Australia, Samsung Galaxy S21 Pricelist and Pre Order Rewards in Malaysia, 4 Day 3 Nights Bangkok Weekend Shopping Itinerary, Top 20 Chinese Food in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Four New Night Markets To Visit in Bangkok for 2016, The Truth about Musang King Durian Rejected by China, How to Install and Download Pokemon Go in Malaysia and Singapore, New Requirements for Malaysians Travelling to France, 3000 Chinese Tourists Cancelled Trip to Malaysia and Visit Thailand Due to New Tourism Tax, The Cost Of Living in KL for Fresh Graduates. An easy application can be done via Maybank2u or Maybank2u Mobile App. Please contact the nearest Maybank branch for the latest rates. With a minimum of $500, you can receive 1.25% for the first month, and end at 1.60% in a year. HSBC offers a wide variety of fixed deposits and promotions depending on the customer’s banking relationship: Advance, Premier, or Personal Banking. In this article, you will be guided through the Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore. Earn up to 3X interest on the first S$30,000 of your child's savings when you save in Youngstarz and iSAVvy Savings Account and spend on your Maybank Family and Friends Card. Add Review (* Required information) Rate: * * Min 20 characters. The current highest DBS fixed deposit rate of 1.3 per cent p.a. Being money-wise is one of the most important things that we need to learn. They also have a time deposit calculator for you to know more about how much interest can you earn in a specific tenure and amount of deposit. Malaysia Fixed Deposit Rates 2020. Let’s find out the best-fixed deposit rates in Singapore! In choosing which bank to trust for your time deposit placement, it is important to know all the terms and conditions a certain bank needs you to follow. The above Maybank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates effective from 8 May 2020.

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