With the Tour B X, I was hitting drives that carried less than 200 yards because they had so little spin. “Historically, our consumer has been the technical guy who understands fitting and wants the best ball for his game,” says Mellow. Keep in mind, just as the Bridgestone Tour B X, this is a ball designed for the 105 mph or higher driver swing speeds. I maybe wrong but I felt the RX to be harder than the X. The new Tour B lineup may, in fact, really be the ball that changes the ball. Required fields are marked *. Tour B RX Switch to the TOUR B RX to feel what its like to gain distance, accuracy, ... 5 Stars based on 114 reviews. I liked Bridgestone’s swing speed fitting system on the B330, seemed easy to me. Are you sure you’re not hitting against a 60 mph wind? All of these balls have urethane covers, and help me around the green, as I have a very good short game. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. I did like the feel off the club, Today I was using Titleist 718 T-MB ,7, 4 and 2 irons. “Then it’s a choice between more distance or more spin, just like the others.”. When they are softly touching the goo it is very soft and liquid like but when its impacted it turns to a solid. I don’t believe any of the tour balls are at the limit. What do they do and what have they always been based around? 2017 Bridgestone Tour B XD Driver Review. The Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball also comes with a gradation core built, which promotes lower side-spin, hence the ball’s pin-point accuracy. The biggest correlation with the X is that its firmer and for a higher clubhead speed. I would really be interested in if there’s truly an advantage using it over the 2018 version bc if the reactive cover doesn’t boost spin and distance like they say I’ll stay with the previous version and save some money. I tried to do a 3/4 swing (usually my 70-75 yard shots). One of the big reasons for their success has been the Bridgestone Tour B X golf ball. I am a 57year old lady golfer with a slower swing speed. The Tour B X-HI as currently constituted is available only in a 20-degree model and comes stock with a Golf Pride MCC grip, the KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype shaft and an impressive array of no-upcharge options. We had to confirm with Bridgestone twice to make sure we heard correctly. Ineffective messaging (a.k.a. Regarding the e6 off the tee vs. AVX, it may be slightly lower spinning which could make it longer and straighter. “Is there a way we can have a truly long golf ball?” asks Bridgestone Golf Ball Marketing Manager Elliot Mellow. He was going to put the new ball in play at the Hero Challenge and again at the Presidents Cup. I don’t know if the gap would be 3 MPH exactly – could be more or less – but I think a measurable gap would exist. For me it is spin, flight and feel it did all very well. A new material that provides more control around the greens AND more distance off the tee does sound like a “game changer”, but at $45/dozen it needs to be better than the ProV1 or it likely won’t elevate their sales. My Golf Spy’s 2019 ball testing caused you to state categorically that a harder ball goes further, for any and all swing speeds. Well, here is my promised (and admittedly incomplete) report on my review of the Bridgestone B RX, Titleist AVX and Bridgestone E6 Soft balls. I tend to trust them and love the BX and XV and for whatever reason, don’t’ want to be part of the Pro V1 brigade. But, it is hard to tell how its performance compares to the AVX or the Tour B RX with my clunky winter swing and the “winter greens.”. tour xs? I have in the past been more of a higher spin driver player, but am in the process of changing my driver to a more upward angle with less spin. This and the Cleveland wedge piece were most enjoyable and interesting to read. Usually I am around 85..gained about 25 yards but the biggest thing I notice was on the open face block right balls they stayed on the course and the distance stayed close to the good hits distance …love the ball say good bye to the cut spinner…. Gonna need to buy at least 1 dozen for that trip. Ultimately, he didn’t, but Kuchar and Bryson both gamed the new X in Australia, with Kuchar holing the Cup-winning putt with it. Copyright © 2021 Plugged In Golf. which of these balls would you recommend to get the most distance and lower my spin? I have played DT Solo, SuperHot and E7 (when I started playing with a 25+ index), Bridgestone B330 RX, E6, Pro V1 (which I get often at outings and which also I find often in the fescue at my club), Chrome Soft and, recently, Titleist AVX starting in September 2018. A few online retailers are selling brand new Bridgestone Tour B X-CBP iron sets 5-PW for $430 shipped!! what do you suggest. Something that stood out immediately was the powerful sound … I know correlation isn’t causation, but of the top five in golf ball market share, only Bridgestone has no real presence in the club market. Please try again later. I have a question? The new Bridgestone REACTIV Urethane Tour B X and XS balls will be available in Classic White (an Optic Yellow XS will be sold in Japan – demand will determine if it’s sold in North America), and the Tour B RX and RXS will be available in both white and yellow. With my new Super Speed training system and these new balls I should add about 35-40 yards off the tee, Isn’t the same principle than the Wilson smart core balls when they came out 20 years ago? So today we wanted to keep a couple of tour grade balls honest with an in-depth review. I was a pro v1 player..swing speed about 95 at 80 percent swing.. high spin on my old r9 driver..I loose a few right if I go hard at the ball..tried the b tour ball..Didn’t matter how hard I swung ball never went right..shot a 78 out the gate. Generally speaking, the 2020 Bridgestone Tour B RX golf ball has a fairly solid feel. Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. They might be competition for Srixon, hard to take market share away from Titleist, they make a great ball but, they also have a zombie cult. The AVX’s numbers were comparable. These irons are not very well known in the states, and Im not even sure if they were ever released to NA. I also checked these numbers against the 6-iron numbers from my recent fitting late last year at a different place (which led to replacing my iron shafts). Learn how your comment data is processed. Available #4 – #PW Right Hand only; ... 60.5: 5: 24: 61: 6: 27: 61.5: 7: 31: 62: 8: 35: 62.5: 9: 39: 63: PW: 44: 63.5: Reviews There are no reviews yet. What is the difference between the Tour B RX and the Tour B RXS and does the RXS come in yellow? Part of the issue is that by putting a soft urethane cover on, you automatically are going to pull the ball back from the limits of what it could do. tour b rx? It explained things really well. Think Pro V1/Pro V1x, TP5/TP5X, Z-STAR/Z-STAR XV and you’ve got it. Regardless, your inability to change your result is very interesting. and its really hard to see much difference. Ha. Played, ProV1, Titleist Tour soft, Costco 3 piece and, the BS RXS. I’ve tried the tour bxs and the rxs. WOOD VERDICT – The B-RX edges out the AVX. Butt, world that ball create more/too much driver side spin? Basically, whatever I am given at outings, I can find in the fescue at my club or I can buy used relatively cheaply on eBay. So far I’ve been playing with the Tour B XS and love how it fits my game and fits the course I play. I am 67 years old and have a swing speed of 90-92. I typically hit a high trajectory. It’s gotta be like watching the class doofus steal your girlfriend. When I read this article all I could think of are the videos of people playing with oobleck. I loved the deep dive into the world of golfballs, Bridgestone as a company and their new 2020 golf balls. Distance and spin? Matt, I am wondering if you found the ball differences as I did. When you think about how Bridgestone lost its #2 (and its #3) position in golf balls, you’ll find lots of reasons, but lousy balls isn’t one of them. That allows the ball to take advantage of the loft and the grooves better.”. Does the XS launch lower? Well at my 95 mph swing, it was 10yds longer than my gamer but still had plenty of spin. The Tour B balls are on sale right now for $36/dozen. The feeling was superb. 2676 Reviews of Bridgestone Golf Golf Club Drivers Examined. and around. As always, your mileage may vary. How can any ball near the limit become significantly faster and still conform? Does this mean that the E12 softballs are now redundant. no spin on green. The Tour B RX is made for golfers looking to improve their distance and accuracy, and who regard the Tour B X to be too firm for their liking. Nor can I hit those “routine” 280-320 drives by amateurs that I read about so often! If so, you might consider the Tour B RX. For example, a Titleist Pro V1 feels relatively soft to me compared to the junk I used to hit when a younger man. Not all that long ago, Bridgestone was sitting in the #2 position in golf ball market share. Might have to give the new B XS a try. Bridgestone confirms that, across the board, with all four balls (the Tour B X, XS, RX, and RXS) and for all types of players, ranging from Tiger, Bryson and Kuchar to you, me and Wally the 23-handicap from down the street, they’ve seen the same performance results for everyone: roughly 1.5 MPH more ball speed with the driver and roughly 350 more RPM on a 15-yard pitch compared to the 2018 Tour B’s. Next up was the AVX. Unless you’re a chemist, chemical compounds look like a Wheel of Fortune clue badly in need of vowels. But if you were to drop the balls from a higher level to simulate a driver impact, the pellets would actually switch places, and the REACTIVE would have more bounce. I think the AVX and Tour B RX should be pretty similar. That said, I recall when MGS did the test of all brands of golf balls, and MGS seemed to say that a softer ball never goes as far as the firmer ball, thus recommending that we go with the firmer ball for distance. Understand this isn’t a core/compression thing. I bought a dozen. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bridgestone Golf Tour B X Golf Balls, White (One Dozen) at Amazon.com. With regard to the driver, I think someone below 100 MPH should try the RX or RXS. * The enhanced feel of the Tour B X comes from a softer cover as a result of the SlipRes technology. Bridgestone Tour B RX and RXS Grade: A Teachers’ Comments: This ball really flies, but still can be controlled around the greens. * WOOD: I have a brand new driver, which I am getting used to. I’m late to the party on this one. The drop emulates the impact of a five- to 10-yard shot. If you want short game spin, you need a urethane covered ball like the Tour B or AVX. In looking at the spin of the RX golf balls, I found the Tour B RX to be similar to the XS. Bridgestone is getting back to basics with the Tour B irons lineup – the X-Blade and the X-CB cavity back. There is a good size group non-pros of various levels testing these at MGS as I type (I am one of them). Forged Iron Sweetness. We couldn’t find a single head or shaft combo that could come close. In Bridgestone’s previous generations of tour balls, there was a measurable difference in spin between the models. I’ve done the online ball fitting from Bridgestone, and just by changing one input it either recommends the Tour B RX or the Tour B RXS. “With traditional urethane, you can make a high-spinning ball by making the cover softer, but there’s a huge degradation in terms of velocity and distance with the driver,” says Mellow. But while the B330 RX balls were geared more toward beginners and intermediates, the new Tour B … When warm I’m around 105 , dipping under 100 otherwise. thanks. marketing), the sharp curtailing of ball fitting (since reintroduced), leadership concerns and other issues all conspired against Bridgestone, but it’s no coincidence that selling a lot of golf clubs and selling a lot of golf balls go hand in hand. First, a few caveats. Those expectations were quickly dismissed. I feel like I got my clubs all figured out going into a new season for the first time since I started playing – thanks to the full-bag fitting that tweaked my shafts, head lies and lofts and got myself a new driver. When you say that the Tour X balls have significantly lower spin rates, would that help the golfer who struggles with a hook or slice? Didn’t Bernhard Langer game a yellow Ultra in the 1980s? I personally feel distance is not relevant because it’s always 3-6 yards plus or minus, 20+ would be worth noting. “The four models quickly become two,” says Mellow. A branch new set of these shafts could cost +$300 us. Feel, maybe, but I think spin would be within 5%. Distance is compression and aerodynamics, spin is all about interacting layers, and the soccer-ball look is paint. The biggest difference among golf balls is short game spin, so the most important question is, “How much do you want/need?” If you don’t rely on spin to stop your pitches and wedge shots, the E6 Soft is a fine ball. I recently got fitted and my driver swing speed is about 90, smash factor consistently around 1.48-1.49, spin rate about 3,000, carry and total distances about 205-215/225-235 indoors (Trackman). looking forward to a followup of last years golf ball head to head test. Do these balls really deliver distance and accuracy? Tour B XS would be my recommendation. The weights can be placed either in the heel or the front of the club to promote a more draw biased flight in the heel, or a lower spinning and more fade bias flight in the front. Nice job by the author. Guess I’m not getting it!!! Features. Really cool chemistry stuff going on there. At the point of purchase, it’s not all about numbers, it’s about feel, loving the new Reactive cover, how we want to ball to launch and spin, and removingd variations that all sound the same. So, of course, I now worry/obsess about my golf ball selection for the first time. Can’t wait to try the RXS since I’m under the 105mph mark. And that, my friends, is what Bridgestone is up against. I am glad the ball is made in the US, and I love how well the BX matches my game. I got the lowest driver spin with the Tour B X. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the my golf spy ball test recently released? I play it. I appreciate the compliments very much, and am very pleased to hear that you’ve benefited from our work. Looks wise, the X-Blade looks great at address. Yeah, the wind was pretty bad on the simulator that day. That being said, avg swing speed is 97 mph, ball speed 144-145, smash 1.49, side spin -250, launch about 13.5 degrees…. I hit each ball five times, took out the best and the worst shots and averaged the remaining three. Coupled with a leveling out of the short game spin, Bridgestone has made it so that there’s no compromise required between distance and short game control. Guess I’ll wait until I see over runs for xx per dozen with “I love Bob” in them?⛳??? One sure thing that I took away from my quick testing is that, for someone with my swing speed (low 90s), low compression balls do make a difference. For 2017, Bridgestone has rebranded their popular Tour B330 golf ball as simply Tour B. Not sure what to make of the difference as both sessions were done with a Trackman. Thanks again for making your contents available. i have noticed the difference in the prov’s i hate the new ones.. the provx feels like its a srixon. Bridgestone has had quite a 2018 season. Then they got popular and they raised the price, good for them, but now I’m back looking for that “compromise” ball that performs well enough for my game, but doesn’t cost as much or can be found on sale. The theory is that at less than 105MPH, the amount of ball speed you lose with the driver will be minimal. I went out a month ago to test the 2020 Bridgestone balls. I also recently found an RXS that was in great shape and played it for quite a few holes before dunking it in a pond and think I prefer the RXS over the RX. Think about that for a minute. They’re a tire company! Your email address will not be published. I am glad Bridgestone simplified the choices. Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball. Played all four balls last week – I’m not a really high spin wedge player, but the difference in balls is noticeable. Going from RX to RXS is going to give you more spin across the board. TOUR B X – This is the golf ball that has been validated on TOUR by the likes of Bryson Dechambeau, Lexi Thompson, ... 4 thoughts on “ “First Impressions” Review – Bridgestone Golf TOUR B Golf Balls (2020) ” Robin Suntheimer. There might be many random points that golfers will offer for why they choose a golf ball, but I have outlined the major key points in my opinion. Tour B X-CBP. more control on the green. Chances are you or someone you know may have tested it already. Lol. A mile and a half ball speed is probably doable and still conforming. For the AVX, 183 carry, 204 total and 4,350 RPM. Very stable. My first impression of the Bridgestone Tour B golf balls was how soft all of them are. The new Bridgestone Tour B X is the longest ball I have hit and has enough feel around the green. If you want more spin, try the Tour B XS. I played for couple of rounds with the RX and decided this was not what I was looking for. The Tour B X was designed for low-handicap golfers who are looking for tour-proven tee-to-green performance along with exceptional feel. The Tour B X is the firmest – it doesn’t mush into the putter face and the cover has a touch of “click” to it. IMO they need to be WAY more aggressive on the marketing and branding front, especially as balls are their main product. Not sure what I want to play now but these balls will take a lot of time and patients to adjust to the spin. You’ll see REACTIV-focused ads and more social media from Bridgestone this year and a few more wins plus another major for Tiger won’t hurt. You state that the softer ball is spinnier? Just a heads up to anyone looking for new set of irons A few online retailers are selling brand new Bridgestone Tour B X-CBP iron sets 5-PW for $430 shipped!! Pro – great distance ball as you mentioned in the article. The question of lower spinning balls helping a slice or hook is an interesting one, and something I would like to test in the future. OVERALL VERDICT: I think the B-RX was the overall winner although not by much. I don’t believe the difference in green side spin between the RX and RXS would be noticeable. The Tour B X is going to be firm like the ProV1X. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The following two tabs change content below. “Pretty much everyone we’ve talked with who tested repeats the REACTIV story back to us without realizing that’s what we designed the ball to do,” says Mellow. Three or four other non-contract players also gamed the ball at the Sony. The Tour B RXS was slightly higher spinning than the Tour B RX, but the gap was not as big as the one between the X and XS. Bridgestone is hoping its newly reinvented fitting program (which includes an innovative slow-mo smartphone video-fitting option) – along with the newly revamped RX and RXS – can redirect the Tiger player into the right ball for them. But, I haven’t seen my wedge shots zip back like the pros do on TV. So, the question for me comes down to the distance and accuracy. Both the Tour B RX and the Tour B XS feel similar – a very slight “click” and a touch of compression at impact. “Not just long from a marketing standpoint, but truly longer from a performance standpoint on one end of the spectrum, and then via spin separation on the other end, can we have more control and feel to it?”. The enhanced feel and control of the Bridgestone Tour BX Golf Ball is due to a state-of-the-art cover, which is softer than in previous generations as a result of the aforementioned SlipRes technology. You can expect even greater differentiation this time around. I have read your comments and other reviews of Bridgestone E6 Soft and Tour B RX. I liked the control and feel. I typically do not spin my irons or wedges much, so my leaning would be to the Tour B RXS. I cannot recall ever having been as thrilled with golf balls as I am with the Bridgestone Tour B RX and RXS. I love the way the BX reacts off the driver face,: irons and great spin on the wedges. Bridgestone Golf Tour B X The Tour B series is engineered for more distance off the tee, more accuracy to find the fairway, more feel around the green and more swagger on the course. If you’re Bridgestone, you see a ball you know isn’t as good as yours zoom past you and take your market share. Based on the MyGolf Spy 2019 study and this new ball coming out and now after this weekend (trying out the BX ball), i will be trying the BX 1st and probably last. Recommended Posts. REACTIV is really two covers in one, with different compression times depending on what club you’re hitting it with. Based on those numbers and what I am looking for, which ball would you recommend? Bridgestone … By Dominic Choma, Club Fitter. Bridgestone says its robot testing shows the same thing. Hi Matt: Another great review. but the X will go farther (i believe). The article correctly identifies one of the main issues for Bridgestone’s loss of market share, which is that they do a HORRIBLE job marketing their balls, which are as good, if not better, than anything else out there. Am I the only one that finds the latest rebranding of Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x and now Bridgestone golf balls confusing? I play a lot like many and, I do lose balls. Finally, I have found your site to be one of the most insightful golf review websites. Tour B RX: Almost identical to the Tour B X and Snell/Titleist models Tour B RXS: This was the only ball where I noticed a drop in ball speed and distance numbers (about 10-15 yards less) Overall, I did not see any performance from any of the Bridgestone balls that exceeded the Titleist or Snell ball. Matt, thanks for the follow-up comment. Will get to put them on the grass in 2 weeks for the real test. They also appear to have the resources to be able to do so. In addition, since I don’t launch the ball high with mid-irons, I really shouldn’t play courses with a forced carry into small greens. At the risk of sounding like a shill, I do think that the new Bridgestone Tour B golf balls are their best yet. Purchase Bridgestone Tour B X balls here. Out With The Old. Should I try any of the Tour B balls? Doesn’t the USGA have a standard for initial velocity? And, in case you’re wondering, Bridgestone insists the ball you, me and Wally from down the street can buy at Dick’s, The Golfer’s Warehouse or the PGA TOUR SuperStore is the exact same ball Tiger, Freddie, Rocco, Kooch and Bryson play. Bridgestone Tour B RX Review. Bridgestone Tour B RXS: Callaway Chrome Soft: Compression: 64: 65: Construction: 3-piece : 4-piece: Cover “Reactiv” Urethane: Soft Urethane: Price: $40: $47.99: The Callaway Chrome Soft Balls. it is hard to tell difference sometimes when your a good player. I have been a fan of Bridgestone golf balls for years, with the B-300s being my favorite. Not sure how well calibrated it is. BUY NOW All of Bridgestone’s 2020 Tour B balls use a new REACTIV urethane cover built to boost ball speed on … What remains are the four models within the Tour B family, though the names are a little different: Tour B X (formerly B330), Tour B XS (B330-S), Tour B RX (B330-RX), and Tour B RXS (B330-RXS). What I found in this new series is that they all have very high spin off the wedge. But I have been doing a lot of digging and have been wanting to only play with one ball this season. I played the E6 Soft whenever I was able to play this winter. Review of the Rarely Seen: Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons Review of the Rarely Seen: Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons. Your correlation with Bridgestone being a tire company is actually what made me pull the trigger. bjp1 0 Posted June 5, 2018. bjp1. “But there were issues where maybe the RX was long but didn’t stop or the RXS would stop but it wasn’t long enough. The softer Pro V1 spins less than its Pro V1x counterpart. I have always like Bridgestone and Snell with a soft spot for Snell. Des. I find good deals on last seasons balls from Srixon and Bridgestone all of the time, for now I prefer the Srixon Zstar XV but, I like Bridgestone and will definitely give this ball a fair shake. Listen to the Tour B XD-5 at Impact I genuinely find the beginning of this article confusing. I think Bridgestones biggest problem is figuring out which back is right for you. Hey Matt- Any idea what the spin rate is of the Tour B X and XS? Great write up! I will say I love the feel off the club but, as many balls cost. Which Bridgestone ball is comparable? The softer RX/RXS match up against the Chrome Soft/Chrome Soft X. Somehow this equipment is able to be deemed legal, but give us 5 more yards….every year! Respectfully, I prefer to focus on making PluggedInGolf as good as it can be rather than worrying about what other sites are doing. The Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball offers solid control over spin and trajectory if hit solidly on the face, hence it works well for better players. Finally, I made a small contribution via PayPal. The RXS will be the highest spinning of the whole family. Mike L. 5.0 out of 5 stars Love the Tour B Series. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Was a huge fan of the old EV Extra Spin, played Bridgestone on and off since then. I should come and see you soon for help on my game. So, I don’t need to land it softly. i want a ball that will hold the green from 100 to 180yards. I wish the X was consistent across the board with all companies but unfortunately we have to do some additional digging and figure out what they’re trying to accomplish. I want a season’s supply of the Tour B RX. And not for nothing, baseball Hall-of-Famer John Smoltz won the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions Celebrity Division last weekend with the RXS. Wow now I have to add the B rx to my test in the spring. How unique is the material? I am torn between the X and XS ( The Bridgestone Ball fitting literally has me playing either one depending on a small change in sidespin numbers I input). On the other hand, less spin also means less back spin which could mean less carry. THAT SAID, to be honest, I don’t think I am a good enough golfer to be able to notice a ton of differences among all these balls. While the performance of the Tour B golf balls is more similar in the short game, the gap is larger in the long game than I’ve experienced previously. If you’re under 105, you look at the RX and RXS. For the E6 Soft, I was consistently getting about 67-68 yards carry, 73-74 yards total and 7,050 RPM. Awesome Ball. These irons are not very well known in the states, and Im not even sure if they were ever released to NA. Enjoy what we have to say So far I am in LOVE with the RX, Great stuff. did my own driver test on a par 5 with Vice, TP5 & XS. “It all starts with product, obviously, but communicating that product is also something we’ll be doing,” says Murphy. I am sure I do to an extent and my short game improved quite a bit with all the lessons I got last year. Fine job, John. Keep up the great work, love the site! This is the first time I heard of someone with a 105 ball speed hit a drive that carried less than 200 yards and blame it on low spin of the ball. For the Bridgestone B-RX, the numbers were 70-71 yards carry, 75 yards total and 7,500 RPM. Matte colors? “But, yes, the core Tiger fan is buying Tiger’s ball because Tiger plays it.”. ::). At around 105 MPH swing speed, I averaged 3 MPH more ball speed with the X balls than the RX.

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