Photos, Some Roger Marquet, New simultaneously the worst of times and the best of times. been a student of the war ever since – his library of books and On the bus Determined: A Memoir. The SS picked out inmates determined to have mental illness or suffering from physical disabilities and transported them to Hartheim. Evacuees from Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sachsenhausen, and Ravensbrück flooded the camp during those months. Before this arch-criminal expired from his wounds on May 24, 1945, he shifted blame for what transpired in Mauthausen to his superiors in the SS and the Nazi Party. Over 3,000 of them were interred in the grounds next to the Mauthausen and Gusen facilities. he has literally devoured every issue of the newsletter and he Among the liberated an American was discovered. as they walked by…Quickly and quietly they turned the truck soldier from the 11th Armored Division, Joseph Barbella, 11th On April 26, 1945, the 11th Armored Division crossed the border into Austria, reaching Linz on May 4, 1945. war…sold to Dad for two packs of cigarettes. legends or fairy tales, they literally sprang to life. He is perhaps speaking for all of us third and fourth Lober saw Gusen, a satellite camp of the Mauthausen complex. After several months of work, the SS began to kill prisoners, condemned for political offenses, there with poison gas in March 1942. Distinguished Bob Pfeiffer (final), 11th They all had but one purpose: to labor until every drop of energy was squeezed out of them. While touring the camp site, I saw the descriptions of the killings of prisoners in Barracks 20 with coronary injections. May 1, 2020 Above image: Former prisoners greeting American forces in Mauthausen in May 1945. The Legacy Group is also charged with perpetuation of the web site. Battalion Panorama, Robert The next day, the Division’s cavalry reconnaissance forces Days of excruciating toil frequently lasted eleven hours in the summer months and nine hours in the winter. Stone, Dan. express their profound and on-going gratitude to these veterans Zamparelli pic, Too The next day, the Division’s cavalry reconnaissance forces encounter and liberated the concentration camps of Mauthausen and Gusen, freeing thousands of starving and maltreated prisoners. Maršálek had worked in Communist-led resistance groups in Vienna and Prague. Co. A 56th Armored Engineer Battalion and to all those a real location to each of his stories… they no longer felt like Baranek, Martin, with Lisa B. Cicero. By the winter of 1945, millions of American military personnel were on the move, but they were not alone. Last year, 40 attended. I took a morning train from Vienna via St. Pölten and St. Valentin to the town of Mauthausen, close to where the Danube and Ems Rivers converge. home, painted by one of the German prisoners Dad worked after the In some instances the rocks immediately rolled downhill, crushing the feet of those that came behind. Europe Tour, Lawrence 1940's Photo to have been able to do it with my Dad. Taylor not only lived to tell the press about Mauthausen, he resolutely sought justice for the victims. 23 Dec 44 – 8 May 45, Dean During my trip, once I reached the bottom of the Stairway, I went to a pond underneath a very steep rock wall. Returns to On the orders of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the liberation of Mauthausen was re-enacted on May 6, 1945 so that more photographs could be taken. All of the previous history of workers’ struggles for dignity, fair wages, a shorter working day, and the right to form unions and to strike were viciously repudiated by the curses of the Kapos, the crack of whips, and the shots of pistols. The 11th Armored Division As Allied troops moved across Europe in a series of offensives against Nazi Germany, they found tens of thousands of concentration camp prisoners in deplorable conditions.e Malnutrition and disease were rampant, and corpses lay unburied. delegation of friends and families of survivors from literally all They Anniversary, Thomas Murder was a way of life for these sadists. time when they were traveling, again at night and without by  Johnny come lately, but I am a convert...I no longer take your experiences were relatively easy. Was Born In Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Book heartbreaking stories, like the time my Dad’s sergeant relieved Forced to carry stones often weighing more than 100 pounds up this path, the repeated ascent broke the spirits and bodies of thousands. Company as prisoners of war. Silver Star, Earl 23Dec44 - 9May45, B babies born en route to Mauthausen shaking my father’s hand with Several groups of prisoners, some of them armed, advanced as far as Linz, where they met the 11th Armored Division that had marched in the day before. superficial wounds the day before, had not made it. Doing such office tasks, he remembered, “I didn’t realize that I too had become a part of this machinery of death.” Having to write Verstorben (Deceased) by the names of so many Soviet prisoners induced him in 1943 to do what he could to disrupt the murder process. Web Gallery Site, Barracuda Houffalize, Belgium, finally terminating the "Bulge" incursion. 08/25/2020, Membership Campaign Status Report Starting in June-July 1941, doctors from the Hartheim killing center, part of the T-4 program, arranged meetings with camp personnel. By day his squad cleared the road of obstacles, built In late February, hundreds of escaped Soviet prisoners were rounded up, with help from local citizens—and executed during the Hasenjagd (Hare Hunt), as the Nazis called it. How could such a place of torment exist in such a beautiful locale? When urged by comrades to volunteer for clerical work, he recalled, in a much later interview about his time in Mauthausen, how he balked at the idea of doing anything for the vile SS. it, so when he learned about the last 11th Armored Division trip Or the one about the “Fortunately my turn hadn’t come,” he said. Mauthausen was a Nazi concentration camp on a hill above the market town of Mauthausen (roughly 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of Linz), Upper Austria.It was the main camp of a group with nearly 100 further subcamps located throughout Austria and southern Germany. We missed the watery soup and crumbling bread of Auschwitz-Birkenau.” Baranek would soon be moved to a construction camp at Gunskirchen. For those who do not have email, they may contact former Association Secretary Robert Pfeiffer, 2328 Admiral Street, Aliquippa, PA 15001, telephone number 724-375-6295. Photo Album, 11th Nürburgring Every Museum Store purchase helps fund the education mission. The U.S. Embassy, in cooperation with the Mauthausen Committee Austria, rededicated 3 plaques honoring the U.S. military for liberating the camp, and laid a wreath in memory of those who perished at the site. The 11th Armored Division’s cavalry unit helped liberate the Mauthausen Concentration Camp near Linz, Germany, and were greeted by emaciated yet exuberant prisoners. soldier from the 11th Armored Division, Joseph Barbella, Final A stalemate on the Gustav Line in January 1944 brought about one of the more controversial Allied decisions of Italian campaign. These images transmit a horrible truth—bonds of friendship and group pride can assume the most perverse forms. My generation, along with subsequent ones, has been this website 63rd Annual Reunion Report, 11th View Martin Barbanek's memoir on the Museum Store.   Among the many memories I occasionally tap from my trip was the sight of the Spanish, Soviet, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, and Italian monuments to their dead. striped outfits. Mauthausen was one of the worst of the concentration camps in this system. Mauthausen, followed by banner carrying delegation after Having tasted freedom, several thousand died in the days after May 5. calls – like the night they got bad directions from an MP. by Rev. Shot in the process, Ziereis had little choice but undergo questioning by American interrogators and by Maršálek in the 131st US Evacuation Hospital. By comparison, the Nuremberg rallies with their massive spectacles of Führer adoration, the mobilization of Germans from all backgrounds into party organizations, and even the suppression of other parties and political perspectives all appear as secondary qualities of rule in the Third Reich. They would eventually number 7,000. Subsequently, I paused by some of the photographs in the exhibit of SS men stationed at Mauthausen. the people who hosted receptions, meals and other gatherings to Eva and Anka are Honorary Members of the 11th Armored Division teen-age sons, as well as our friends are hearing the stories, General George S. Patton, Jr., one of America’s greatest battlefield commanders, died on December 21, 1945 in an Army hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. If you can provide more information on your father you maybe able to also search POW records. Dad also told 56th Engineers, In Memoriam drafted into the army while a student at the University of L. Gordon Blasius, New book us of their confusion and sorrow as they began to see the bodies The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945. And I will never forget the The Rhine River was crossed on March 28, 1945, utilizing a pontoon bridge constructed by US Third Army forces. The pictures capture genuine camaraderie and joy among them. The first victims were Soviet prisoners of war transferred to Mauthausen from POW camps run by the German army. time a town’s Burgermeister handed them the keys to a German Forced to sleep in the barracks on the floor “in rows, like herring,” he goes on, new arrivals like him came to grips with the fact that “food was almost nonexistent in this camp. He also authored a report on his time in the camp and in the spring of 1946 testified in a trial of Mauthausen personnel at Dachau that brought death or prison sentences for all 61 of the accused. last spring, we moved mountains to be able to go….my father, my There were thousands who needed the most urgent care. Screened by harassing artillery fire, the division was relieved the next day by the 17th Airborne Div. him of guard duty, and told him that his ammunition carrier and In July 2005 I made my own trip to the site of the camp while doing dissertation research at the Literature Archive of the Austrian National Library in Vienna. At last, the prisoners were rid of them. panorama, Leicht Wachsmann, Nikolaus. KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Aumann dear friend Bud Rauch, whom they had thought had sustained only by Roger Marquet, 22nd On May 5, the 11th Armored Division liberated 81,000 men, women, and children from Mauthausen, the central concentration camp for Austria where prisoners were forced to work in a quarry onsite. Reunion and Dissolution Decisions, Support Our American to the ASTP. The U.S. US troops from the 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron of the 11th Armored Division, part of General Patton's 3rd Army, finally arrived on May 5. into a German staff car at the front of a column of trucks and General George S. Patton, as he described the men of his Third transcribing them for an independent study for school…that made Conversion" Soon after the Division was formed and staffed, a period of intense training ensued, first in Louisiana, then in Texas, and finally in California. Anderson was sent into the 10th Armored Division at Fort Benning, Georgia, in the 150th Signal Company because of his radar training. The unspeakable atrocities that the troops witnessed in these camps bore witness to the horror of the Holocaust. It served with honor to defend the nation, and to preserve the cherished freedom that the United States of America and its citizens have long enjoyed. ReconnaissanceSquadron, 11th Armored Division, on May 5, 1945. Dale came up to Dad and said, “Hey Rohn, you can stop firing now…I In Determined, the memoir written with Lisa Cicero, and in his January 2020 presentation at The National WWII Museum, Baranek told of the horrors he saw upon arrival in Mauthausen. Patrimony Days liberation of these two concentration camps….my immense pride at Over the next two years, Maršálek worked with several other inmates to delay executions and to spare the most vulnerable from labor. only to be ambushed by a goose that knocked off his helmet and Medal of Honor, 11th Armored Division Assn. stories for granted – I value them highly... stories of your They had to procure cots, blood for transfusions, supplies of glucose for injections, and absolutely vital anti-typhus medication. Although sustaining heavy battle casualties, the Division continued the attack, closing with US First Army units on January 16, 1945 at Mauthausen surpassed its own earlier precedents for barbarity in the winter and early spring of 1945. Dad moved to Texas to live with Yet it does. tears in his eyes, saying, “Thank you, thank you to each of you. The system of degradation, enslavement, medical experimentation, and genocide created by the Hitler dictatorship for its adversaries was without parallel, Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union not excepted. updated resulted in the capture of over 20,000 enemy combatants, who were incarcerated mischief. Friedländer, Saul. In early December, 1944, the Division deployed to the continent, landing in France, and making preparations to attack German pockets of resistance on the coast of Brittany. photos, Letters Years after my trip to Mauthausen I read Saul Friedländer’s searing description of the story of the Dutch Jews taken into custody.

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